Corpse Husband fans are freaking out over the YouTuber playing Twitch horror games

Yet another Corpse Husband stream with Sykkuno, Ludwig, and the OfflineTV crew has confirmed what many fans already knew ⁠— the faceless superstar is the perfect psycho killer in popular Twitch horror games like Friday the 13th, Dead By Daylight, and more.

Look, we all know Corpse’s voice is amazing.

There’s a host of reasons why the mysterious singer and YouTuber shot to internet celebrity status in 2020 ⁠— a rise helped along by Among Us ⁠— but right at the forefront was Corpse’s voice. It’s the voice that’s rallied 7.6m YouTube subscribers and rakes in over 6.2m monthly listeners on Spotify and Apple.

More recently, Corpse and his deep voice even rocked Twitch on debut, catapulting his already heavily-followed channel to over a million followers in just 24 hours, and managed a huge 74k viewer-high during his surprise eight-hour stream late last week.

And, it turns out, Corpse Husband’s voice makes him the perfect Twitch psycho killer ⁠when he’s playing horror games likes Friday the 13th and Dead by Daylight too.

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Corpse Husband’s iconic voice adds that little extra something to Twitch horror games.

Whenever Corpse ⁠— often playing the killer ⁠— appeared during his recent Friday the 13th stream, his deep baritone voice immediately took over the whole interaction. At one stage, after catching Fuslie, he leaned on his iconic song.

“Choke me like you hate me, but you love me…” he mumbled as his character, Jason, eliminated the 100 Thieves star, turning the terrifying mood up to eleven.

Another time, later in the game, Corpse was stalking Ludwig, who had hidden under a bed. If the moment couldn’t get any scarier, he punctuated it perfectly.

“You’re running out of breath… I’m running out of patience.”

Related segment at 4:09 in video below.

Corpse Husband fans were absolutely loving the faceless star’s turn as a Twitch killer too, with dozens suggesting his voice was the “highlight of the games.”

“Never been more excited yet terrified in my life,” one said, while others claimed they were “actually scared” and knew that Corpse would be “perfect as the killer”.

One excited YouTube fan also said: “I always wanted Corpse to play this [Friday the 13th], and be the killer, as his voice is just soooo deep!”

There were some hilarious replies too, with perhaps the best came from one Corpse Husband super-stan on Twitter.

The excited fan wrote, “if Corpse actually ran after me to kill me, I would be dead just by listening to all the phrases he uses with that voice,” before she added: “No need to choke [me] or use a weapon!”

Unfortunately, as perfect as it is, there’s no guarantee the YouTuber will return to Twitch to play more horror games any time soon; the 24-year-old has spoken in the past about his illnesses (which range from fibromyalgia to thoracic outlet syndrome) stopping him from playing for long periods of time.

One thing’s for sure though; Corpse fans are already begging the star to play more Twitch horror games. And look, we’ll be honest, we’re pretty keen too.

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