Cory Wharton will miss ‘The Challenge’ reunion over vaccine mandate

Cory Wharton’s latest challenge: getting vaccinated.

The 30-year-old revealed he would not be attending the upcoming reunion special for “The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies” on Twitter because he isn’t vaccinated.

“No challenge reunion for me, they said due to my vaccination status,” he wrote on Monday in the now-deleted tweet, adding, “They are really strong arming ppl [sic] now a days. Smh.”

Not surprisingly, “Challenge” fans pushed back against Wharton’s tweet-and-delete.

“How is that ‘strong-arming?’ Seems to me they gave you a perfectly reasonable choice to either follow the rules they’ve decided to implement for peoples’ safety or not come,” one user responded.

“why are you, as a father, exposing your at risk daughter to a deadly virus??” another user wrote, call the father of two out regarding his 4-year-old daughter, Ryder, who has a rare congenital condition named VLCAD.

People who have VLCAD are unable to break down certain types of fat to turn them into energy for the body, which puts them at risk for more serious issues like liver abnormalities and life-threatening heart problems.

Cory Wharton, Taylor Selfridge and their two children
Wharton has two daughters under the age of five at home.

Recent photos on Wharton’s social media accounts reveal he and his girlfriend, Taylor Selfridge, have been traveling with Ryder and their one-year-old, Mila, recently.

This includes an unmasked trip to Universal Studios in Hollywood, Calif.

Another set of photos shows the family of four visiting Wharton’s family in Atlanta, Ga. at the beginning of August.

Reps for Wharton did not immediately respond to Page Six’s request for comment.


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