CoryxKenshin slams YouTube after channel strike

After spending time contemplating his retirement from the platform, YouTuber CoryxKenshin was hit with a channel strike the day after he announced his plans for the future and he’s angry.

While dealing with issues within his family and friends, CoryxKenshin has had to occasionally take some time away from his YouTube channel with 10 million followers.

Back when his channel hit seven million followers, the YouTuber had “made a mistake” of announcing that he will retire when his channel hit 10 million. However, when that time came, he decided to upload a video announcing that he is in fact not retiring and that he wants to continue being a “positive influence.”

Unfortunately the day after his 10 million announcement video, Cory was hit with a community guideline violation for “child safety,” and the lack of communication behind it had him rather angry at the platform.

CoryxKenshin slams YouTube after channel strike

“All these years, all this time that I’ve put into your platform, I thought it would be worth a little bit of your respect” started the video uploaded to his channel on September 2.

He received a channel strike a day after his latest video. He said: “YouTube will not tell me why.”

He said that YouTube removed the offending video from his channel and went on to explain that he doesn’t understand why the platform would go back to find a video over two years old.

“This channel is a child to me, it’s like a baby to me… I’ve been working on this channel for over 10 years” the YouTuber stated before going on to explain he has been told that if he were to get two more strikes his channel would be removed.

After Cory decided not to look for an answer on other platforms, he went back to his manager who approached him with what he believed to be the reasoning behind the strike.

After talking to his manager, Cory explained that he understood why the part in question may have been flagged. However, he quoted a video from Markiplier, who has had similar issues in the past.

Markiplier went on to explain a point that Cory agreed with: “If a channel is in good standing… why not allow us to self-moderate?” He went on to showcase a feature that YouTube has built-in that allows creators to edit out parts of a video without having to re-upload the video.

“If I broke the rules, I broke the rules. Communicate, YouTube. COMMUNICATE before you HAND OUT STRIKES!” he said, before summing up his thoughts: “You’re just a number to them.”

It’s unknown whether or not Cory will continue uploading as planned due to the strike, but maybe his reach of over 10 million subscribers will help get his video into the eyes of YouTube employees that can listen to his concerns.

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