Could Addiction Issues Affect His Trial?

Since Josh Duggar’s arrest, new information has gone public. Slowly but surely, new details are surfacing and adding to the story. Right now, his legal team is trying to build a defense and has requested additional information from the government.

What do we know about Josh Duggar’s arrest?

As you may know, Josh was arrested earlier this year for the possession of child sexual abuse material or child pornography. The former TLC star had a bond hearing, where he was released on conditions. He’s now living with the Rebers, who are his guardians. He cannot be around children other than his own, and he can only see his kids with his wife Anna’s supervision.

Josh will go to trial on November 30 and is facing a couple of decades of jail time. He says he’s not guilty, and his wife also believes he’s innocent.

Former TLC star is questioned about addiction.

Newly unsealed documents are now public and give the public a closer look into Josh’s arrest and ongoing case. Radar has access to the court documents, which reveal Josh had a conversation about addiction.

When Josh was arrested, a probation officer, Diem Nguyen, had an interview with him to determine whether he should be released on bond. While interviewing him, Nguyen asked if “he currently suffered or had suffered from any addictions.”

Nguyen claims the question was about drugs and alcohol rather than pornography. But during Josh’s hearing in May, Nguyen said, “During my investigation, I had found that Mr. Duggar made a statement in 2015 onto the family’s website regarding his admitted addiction to viewing pornography.”

It’s possible that Josh’s defense will use his past to show that he has a pornography addiction, making him look like a victim. Longtime Duggar fans will recall Josh’s molestation scandal, where he molested four of his sisters and another young woman when he was a teenager. After news of the molestations leaked, Josh’s punishments were insufficient, many fans believe.

So, it looks like Josh’s defense could use the porn addiction strategy to paint him as a victim and help him get less time behind bars. But we don’t know for sure yet. His trial is on November 30, and the truth will come out then.

So, do you think Josh Duggar’s arrest has anything to do with an addiction? Do you think that could play a role in the outcome of his trial? Let us know in the comments below.

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