Could Laura Prepon’s Decision To Leave Scientology Lead To An Exodus Of Other Stars?

The Church of Scientology has lost another celebrity. That 70s Show star Laura Prepon has left the controversial organization after some soul searching. This reminds Gossip Cop of the many other stars still within its walls.

Laura Prepon’s Shocking Exit From Scientology

In a recent interview with People, Prepon opened up about her changing life. She revealed: “I haven’t practiced Scientology in close to five years and it’s no longer part of my life.” The Orange is the New Black star still meditates with her husband, Hell or High Water star Ben Foster. However, she and her two young children have nothing to do with Scientology anymore.

Prepon joins stars like Leah Remini and Lisa Marie Presley who have left Scientology behind. One has to wonder if these exits could cause other big names to leave as well. This has become a tabloid in trope, so Gossip Cop has confronted a few bogus stories making this very claim.

John Travolta Losing Faith?

John Travolta and his late wife Kelly Preston were both lifelong Scientologists. After Preston’s death, vulturous tabloids claimed Travolta was having a crisis of faith. In Touch reported that he was thinking of leaving. One source said, “friends are whispering that he’s ready to spill all of Scientology’s secrets not that he’s breaking away from the church…it would give him closure  – and it’s the church’s biggest nightmare.”

Contrary to this report, Travolta has relied on Scientology to help him with his grief. The organization was there for him when his son Jett tragically passed away in 2009, so there’s no reason to think it would shun him now. No secrets have slipped out, so this whole narrative was false.

Tom Cruise Cruising Away

Back in 2019, In Touch claimed Tom Cruise was quitting Scientology so he could spend more time with Suri Cruise. He hasn’t seen his daughter or Katie Holmes in several years, and many think the organization is preventing a reunion. A source said Cruise “Tom has sacrificed the most important things in his life for Scientology. If he ever were to escape Scientology, it would be because of his daughter. With Katie single again, and Suri not having a father figure in her life, it’s the perfect opportunity to reach out. He would be able to make up for lost time before it’s too late.”

Cruise is as devoted to Scientology as he’s ever been, and he’s yet to reunite with his daughter. This reunion is a popular one for tabloids, but it doesn’t appear to be in the cards. Cruise is still a Scientologist, so this story was bogus as well.

Kirstie Alley Quitting?

According to New Idea, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan star Kirstie Alley left Scientology in 2020. One day she simply left her home in Florida without telling anyone where she was going. The departure shocked the organization, for it feared she may start leaking secrets. An insider said, “If she was to officially ditch the church, losing one of their highest-profile members would be hugely damaging to their reputation.”

Alley continues to promote Scientology and even gets in arguments with Leah Remini from time to time over the merits of the organization. Anything’s possible, but her departure is especially unlikely. You shouldn’t believe a departure story unless you hear it from the stars themselves.

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