Could Prince Andrew Return To Royal Duties? Prince Charles Doesn’t Think So

Prince Andrew on the left, speaking with Prince Charles on the right

Prince Andrew remains on the outs of the royal family because of his connection to Jeffrey Epstein. Some wonder if he’ll ever return to his royal duties, but what does the future king, Prince Charles, think?

What’s Going On?

Prince Andrew is a disgrace to the royal family. He’s now getting taken to court for sexual assault stemming from his involvement with Jeffrey Epstein. The royal family has essentially excommunicated him, with members like Prince William and Prince Harry not even saying his name anymore.

This begs the question: could he ever return to royal duties? He’s still in the line of succession and will be the brother of the king someday. These birthrights can’t be stripped away even if he’s kept out of sight. A recent report from the Times of London says he’s out for good.

‘Unsolvable’ Scandal

A source close to Prince Charles told the paper the lawsuit brings “unwelcome reputational damage to the institution.” The Prince of Wales sees his brother’s sexual assault allegations as an “unsolvable problem” that will never go away. The source explained that the lawsuit “will probably further strengthen in the prince’s mind that a way back for the duke is demonstrably not possible because the specter of this [accusation] raises its head with hideous regularity.”

Prince Andrew insists that no sexual assault happened and that he’s never met his accuser. Photos of the two with Ghislaine Maxwell exist, so it’s impossible to believe he’s never met her. Prince Andrew’s already brought shame to his family without working, so working would likely only make things worse.

Even now, when Prince Andrew is not performing royal duties, the reprehensible allegations still hang over his and the royal family’s head. There are plenty of other figures in the royal family capable of doing Prince Andrew’s work, so welcoming him back into the fold would be a ghastly thing to do.

Rumor Mill Churns

It must be noted that Prince Andrew is still doing perfectly fine, for he’s faced zero real consequences. His reputation is destroyed, but he’s not broke and homeless as some reports claim. He’s not been disowned by Queen Elizabeth, and he’s still giving her gifts. One thing he’s not doing is working with Prince Harry in any way whatsoever.

Prince Andrew did not choose to leave the royal family, and it doesn’t look like he’s going to be welcomed back any time soon. Only time will tell if Prince Andrew ever goes back into the fold, but it seems Prince Charles is not keen on it, at least right now.

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