‘Counting On’ Fans Think Jeremy Vuolo’s Receding Hairline Is Sexy

Over the past couple of years, Counting On fans and critics have noticed that Jeremy Vuolo’s hairline is receding. He has gotten teased for it on social media before too.

Often, he wears a baseball cap, which may be a way to make his receding hairline less obvious. Many of his recent social media posts are of him wearing a hat. Of course, he doesn’t always wear a hat, so fans and critics still see his hairline sometimes. So, he gets plenty of teasing in response to pictures featuring his hairline.

Jeremy will turn 34 years old in early September. Some fans don’t think he’s old enough to have a receding hairline. Others think it might have to do with the stress of being in the spotlight or due to Duggar family drama.

Jeremy Vuolo Instagram
Jeremy Vuolo Instagram

Counting On fans love Jeremy Vuolo’s hairline

On Instagram, there is a page dedicated to confessions about the Bates and Duggar families. Fans of the families’ shows can submit anonymous confessions. Then, the owners of the account repost them. In the comments section of each reposted confession, fans discuss it and share their own thoughts.

In a new post on Duggar Bates Confessions, one Counting On fan reveals how they really feel about Jeremy’s hairline. Confessions are sent in anonymously, so it’s unclear who started this conversation, but other fans have their guesses. The confession reads:

“I know everyone makes fun of Jeremy’s hairline but I think with every hair he loses he’s more handsome idk he looks so wise and experienced. Anyone else?”

Duggar Bates Confessions

In the comments section of the post, other fans are chiming in to share their thoughts. Most of them don’t seem to agree with the statement. Some are joking that Jinger or Jeremy submitted this confession themselves. They are writing, “Hi, Jinger,” or “Hey, Jeremy.” They assume that some of the Duggar family members must come to the page sometimes.

Of course, plenty of other fans are wondering why Jeremy gets so much hate on social media. They think he seems like a great guy from his social media posts and from what they have seen on Counting On. 

So, do you agree that Counting On star Jeremy Vuolo has a sexy receding hairline? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

For more news about the Duggar family, check back with TV Shows Ace. 

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