Counting On fans troll Jinger Duggar over ‘Walmart vest’ after new photo surfaces

Jinger Duggar was trolled for her fashion choice in the new photo. Pic credit: TLC

After spending time at a Dodgers game, Jeremy Vuolo shared a photo of Jinger Duggar.

It was meant to hype her up for her smile, but followers found what she was wearing much more interesting.

Jinger is known for her sense of fashion and unique style, but her outfit only brought one thing to mind for some Counting On fans. That was a Walmart vest.

Jinger Duggar trolled for ‘Walmart vest’

When Jeremy Vuolo shared the photo, he tagged it as taken at Dodger Stadium. It’s a photo of Jinger Duggar sitting and seemingly laughing at something, which is why he mentioned her smile in the caption.

Commenters couldn’t help but notice that what she was wearing looked like a Walmart uniform you would see an employee wearing while shopping in the store.

One said, “At first glance when i saw the blue vest i thought ‘welcome to walmart’😆”

Another wrote, “I love you Jinger but you look like you work at Walmart with that vest in. 😂”

And a third commented, “Omg I thought this was a Walmart vest”

Comments about Jinger's vest.
Pic credit: @jeremy_vuolo/Instagram

It was clear that all anyone could see was Jinger posing as a Walmart employee with that blue vest and white turtleneck outfit she chose for the baseball game.

Jinger Duggar is the fashion icon of the family

Jinger Duggar was the first to step out and put herself out there. She wore pants for the first time, and since then, has been spotted in jean shorts and other outfits that would be deemed “inappropriate” by her family’s dress code.

She likely inspired some of her sisters to change up their wardrobe, with Jessa Duggar, the latest sister to be spotted in pants.

Several outfits have stood out for Jinger, many of them complete with cool kicks along with them. She has upgraded her style and clothing choices, even purchasing a $300 blazer while shopping on Rodeo Drive with Jana.

Jinger wearing this blue vest and other attire while at a Dodgers game is shocking. She is typically dressed for the day, based on what she has planned. To see her in something other than a jersey or other Dodgers clothing item is rare.

Counting On fans roasted the reality TV star in the comments. IKt will be interesting to see if the “Walmart vest” makes another appearance or if Jinger retires it for good.


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