Couple accused of ‘stealing the limelight’ at friend’s wedding after slow dance

A couple received an angry message from the bride after the man picked up his partner to help her dance when she had a broken leg, as the woman branded it a ‘stunt’

A couple have been accused of ruining a bride’s big day by dancing

A couple were accused of ‘stealing the limelight’ at a friend’s wedding after their slow dance – which the bride labelled a ‘stunt’.

Sharing his story anonymously, a man said that he was going to a wedding with his girlfriend but unfortunately she had broken her foot, so was in a boot and had crutches.

She was gutted as normally she loves to dance, so on the day the man took matters into his own hands and picked her up – swinging her around to one of her favourite songs.

But the bride wasn’t pleased and messaged the pair saying they had ruined her big day by ‘sealing the limelight’ with their ‘stunt’.

The woman was gutted that she couldn’t dance at the wedding


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Taking to Reddit, the man said: “When the newlyweds opened up the dance floor to everyone, my girlfriend was noticeably sad and of course, I stayed with her.

“About 30 minutes in, one of our favourite songs started playing from when we were young. Seeing how bummed she was, I decided to pick her up and ‘dance’ with her by carrying her and we stayed next to our table, which was in the back.

“The dance only lasted about 60 seconds as I got tired and I put her down.”

Although it was only a short dance, others had noticed the sweet moment – including the bride.

The man continued: “The next day, our phones get tons of messages from the bride saying we’re terrible friends for ‘stealing her spotlight’ with my ‘stunt’.

“We had no idea what she was talking about until we checked social media and there were photos and videos of me carrying my girlfriend and ‘dancing’ to the song.

“It was mixed with other photos from the wedding too, mainly of the bride and groom. According to the bride, it was all her family could talk about the next day, about how romantic it was and saying things like ‘that’s real love’.

“I didn’t realize how much attention we had drawn in that short amount of time. I feel bad for drawing away attention but I don’t feel bad for trying to cheer up my girlfriend. My girlfriend says I did nothing wrong and that the bride has always been dramatic.”

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After sharing his story, other Reddit users were quick to rush to the man’s defence – saying he’d done nothing wrong and the bride was over reacting.

One user said: “Oooo, the drama! ‘But it’s her day’, dontcha know? How dare you enjoy yourselves at her wedding reception.

“What a bunch of entitled, selfish a******s. Sounds like it’s time for you to get a whole new set of friends.”

“Bridezilla needs to chill” wrote a second. “The wedding couldn’t have been that great if the most exciting thing to come of it was you whirling your injured girlfriend around in the back of the room.

“Don’t worry – you probably won’t be invited to her second or third weddings.”

And a third user added: “Couples can be couples, even / especially at a wedding. As long as you don’t propose / announce an engagement / announce a pregnancy at the wedding, you didn’t ‘steal the spotlight’.”

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