Couple Aged In Their Eighties Became Stars after Daughter Filmed Them Dancing during Lockdown.

An elderly couple made the rounds on social media after their daughter shared videos of them dancing. The TikTok superstars were determined to keep dancing for as long as they could.

Joseph and Sylvia Dolan, an elderly couple from Doncaster, became social media sensations after their daughter, Jackie Broadbent, shared videos of them grooving to some classic beats.

Ther dance moves have captured the hearts of TikTokers, attracting over 120,000 followers. Speaking in an interview, Joseph, 60, admitted their great-granddaughter orchestrated the dance routine, urging them on.

Broadbent went on to share the outcome on Instagram, attracting over eight million likes. The first of the videos showed the duo dancing to “Don’t Be Cruel” by Elvis.

Another showed them moving in sync to Millie Small’s “My Boy Lollipop” in their living room, garnering over 104 thousand likes.

In one of the videos, Joseph was seen sitting on a couch reading a newspaper. As soon as his wife, 82, began dancing, he excitedly stood up and joined in. The elderly pair seemed to be having a blast before ending the routine with a playful embrace.

Broadbent admitted she was proud of her parents’ feat and contagious energy, which has touched millions. Explaining how it all began, the 60-year-old noted that she had the idea to get moving after noticing they adopted a sedentary lifestyle due to the pandemic.

Knowing they both loved to dance, she began playing their favorite songs, and with the help of her daughter, encouraged them to dance.

It was not an easy feat for the twosome, who battled some health conditions. Joseph had a weak heart, which limited how long he could stay active, while Sylvia suffered from osteoarthritis and COPD-induced breathing problems.

Yet, they managed to pull it off. The couple also admitted TikTokers and the rest of the world who supported their dance journey, helped them survive the pandemic.

When asked if they planned to keep dancing even after the pandemic, Joseph replied in the affirmative, saying he would “as long as he possibly could.”

True to his words, the social media superstar continued dancing and singing joyously in the months that followed until his death. On September 9, Broadbent broke the sorrowful news of her dad’s death on TikTok.

She shared: “It’s with a heavy heart I have to tell you. Dad passed away this week peacefully after a 6 month battle with cancer! He was still singing right up to his last breath.”

She accompanied the announcement with video reminders of his TikTok fame, sending his superfans down memory lane. Many utilized the platform to express their condolences while stating how much they’d miss the dancing grandpa.

A crowdfunding campaign has also been set up in his honor to facilitate cancer research.


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