Couple claim travellers live on beans on toast to afford lavish £150,000 weddings

Everyone who was around when My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding was on TV remembers the dramatic wedding gowns, enormous cakes and £150,000 celebrations.

And, of course, the pineapple and palm tree bridesmaid dresses. Oh, yeah, we remember those…

But, it turns out that British travellers don’t have all that dosh in their back pockets and some survive on beans on toast for weeks at a time to save up.

And, even guests have to penny pinch to afford to go to the extravagant events.

Speaking to the Sun’s “I Married A Traveller” YouTube Series, Michael Marshall, 38, and wife Nikia, 22, revealed all.

Michael said: “Truthfully, everybody in the traveller community wants to show off. But a lot of people live on beans on toast for weeks to afford it.

“The woman will just be cleaning and cooking cheap teas, while the man is saving and working hard.”

My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding made waves when it aired on Channel 4

He noted that many travellers have a strong work ethic and will dine like paupers to save up before spending on jewellery, trailers and events.

The duo are looking to splash the cash themselves with three separate celebrations of their nuptials including a Swarovski-crystal dress.

Michael and Nikia have both been married before, but split from their spouses before meeting at a pro-fight in 2019.

They married in Las Vegas at the Little White Chapel just three months later and were also wed in Doncaster.

But, now they’re planning a huge white wedding.

Nikia told Fabulous: “Now we’re planning wedding number three.

“I want a big Swarovski dress, it’s going to be gorgeous.

“When we got married in Vegas, it was just me and Michael, no-one came. It was so last minute.”

Nikia wants her third wedding to be an enormous affair
Nikia wants her third wedding to be an enormous affair

And, it looks like the pair want a wedding as big as possible.

Nikia noted that travellers love their lavish weddings – and little girls are even given big dresses and makeup for their first holy communion. One of the things Nikia loves about her culture is their massive dos!

Although her husband might not be on the same page entirely…

Michael noted that some traveller weddings can be over the top and it’s sometimes a bit much for his taste.

But, he knows his wife will be pulling out all the stops for their final wedding celebration because she wants a massive day to make up for their quieter nuptials.

Michael claims spending lots on a wedding because they want to be judged well
Michael claims spending lots on a wedding because they want to be judged well

Michael explained: “Travellers are very shame orientated and pride orientated.

“If a fella’s doing well for himself, he’s going to be more accepted into the girl’s family. Nobody wants to see their daughter marry someone who can’t look after himself.

“If the guy’s got a nice car and a nice turnout, that’s what we call a trailer, that’s what he’ll be judged on.”

Nikia regularly posts insights into the traveller life on her Instagram and TikTok page and has her own beauty and fashion range.

While Michael shows the male point of view on his TikTok page too.

How much did you spend on your wedding? Tell us in the comments…


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