Couple convinced ‘Bigfoot’ lifted heavy trailer after terrified wife saw ‘two red eyes’

A huge Bigfoot creature lifted a house trailer off its foundations, leaving its inhabitants “frozen stiff with horror”, according to a professor investigating the mysterious beasts.

Also referred to as sasquatches, there is no proof that the huge two-legged hairy creatures exist, yet there have been numerous stories of sightings across the US.

One such incident, alleged to have taken place near a lake in Whitehall, Ohio, was revealed by Theodore Bennett ,a professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences, on the Forest Fleur Bigfoot research podcast.

He explained that a fascination with the paranormal from an early age had led to him studying the supposed species as an academic.

Bigfoot creatures have not been proven to exist, but there have been numerous reported sightings across the US
(Image: Bob Gimlin/YouTube)

Theodore recalled the story told to him by a couple he had once met. He remembered that they claimed the event began with the onset of a “foul stench, like rotting meat” before the power to the pair’s house trailer suddenly shut off.

The professor suggested: “He said they went down to their trailer, they discovered that the electricity was off. They made dinner on the camp stove, and he said that night in total, total darkness, their house trailer began being lifted off its cinder-block foundation.

“He said this trailer weighed several tonnes. He said whatever was doing it, was also rattling his doorknob.

A Bigfoot creature
The man claimed the sighting started with a ‘foul stench’ in the air, before the Bigfoot creature went on to pick his house trailer off its foundations
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“He said to his wife Edith, ‘go look through the window and see if you can see anything’.

“She said she looked through the window, and no more than two feet in front of her outside the window were two bright red eyes looking in at her.”

Edith apparently jumped back, hitting the cabinet on the other side of the trailer, and her husband John appeared with a loaded shotgun when the rattling stopped.

A Bigfoot creature
The man described how he and his wife sat ‘frozen stiff with terror’, before finding large footprints around the trailer on the next day
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“They both sat there trembling, frozen stiff with horror, and the next morning after not sleeping, they got out and saw the large footprints all around,” the professor added.

Before this supposed attack took place, it was claimed that the couple also saw a bright light in the sky which they took to be a UFO.

Theodore suggested that there is a link between UFO sightings and Bigfoot attack, saying: “On more than occasion, witnesses have seen a UFO coming down very close to the ground… and people have seen Bigfoot creatures being beamed down onto the surface of the Earth, and then the Bigfoot just walks away.”

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