Couple purchase 52-year-old caravan for £50 – then transform it for cheap
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Couple purchase 52-year-old caravan for £50 – then transform it for cheap

A couple who bought an old caravan have revealed how they transformed it for cheap.

When the pair purchased the vehicle it was almost unrecognisable compared to what it looks like now.

On the outside it’s covered in dirt, while once you step inside, there’s mess everywhere you look.

But the two were determined to put their skills to the test to transform the 50-year-old caravan after buying it for just £52.

Posting on Facebook in the Extreme Couponing & Bargains group, the couple shared the incredible transformation.

One of the new owners wrote: “We finally finished our vintage caravan, she is 52 years old.

“Bought her for £50, completely rebuild on a budget.”

The caravan was fitted with a wardrobe which the couple described as “huge”, but it was cut down to give more space.

Meanwhile, the drawers of the wardrobe were turned into a seat.

As for the rest of the caravan it was kitted out with a retro decoration which the couple did on a budget.

They told how most of the items were either recycled or bought second-hand.

Couple's caravan after its transformation
It was painted and given a new colour scheme

The completed caravan also has a khaki and white colour scheme outside which has been given the name Iris.

Since it was posted on the popular Facebook group, many raved about its new look.

One wrote: “Looks awesome – well done.”

While another added: “It’s absolutely beautiful. I know the work that’s gone into it and you should be very proud.”

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