Couple sell house and furniture to live full-time in a motorhome with their dogs

Pete Thomas and Brydee Hoad made a life-changing decision to sell their house and furniture to fulfil their travelling dreams.

In what was an “overnight decision” the pair took the plunge and moved into a motor home with their one-year-old puppy and a 14-year-old labrador instead.

A reluctance to wait until retirement is what fuelled the decision as the couple didn’t want to wait to start travelling adventures.

According to Somerset Live, Brydee said: “It was super freeing just to have the ability to move whenever we wanted and vice versa to stay if we liked the place”.

“Being in one place for a long period of time wasn’t really for us.”

Pete Thomas and Brydee Hoad are living the dream

It seems the couple are a big fan of the vagabond way of life.

They said: “From one day you can be on the beach, the next day you can be in a forest.

“You just get that feeling of ‘outdoorsness’ that you don’t have living in a house”.

Brydee believes that the motorhome experience has strengthened her relationship too.

She explained: “We’ve had to become really in sync with each other. There’s no way not to be completely open in a relationship when you live in something that’s 7.4 metres long by 2.3 metres wide.”

Pete Thomas and Brydee Hoad caravan
The pair live in a caravan and travel around the world

After taking their first trip to Scotland back in October 2019, where they spent a month travelling the country, the couple have been on the road ever since.

Last year they went abroad going through France, Belgium, Germany, Denmark and Norway.

The pair have been documenting their travelling adventures through their Instagram account.

They also have a podcast series that’s racked up over tens of thousands of downloads.


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