Couple spark fury after not inviting any of their children to their wedding

A couple of newlyweds have come under fire after confessing they chose not to invite any of their eight children to their wedding – and the kids aren’t happy about it

The couple tied the knot in a low-key evening on the waterfront (Image: Getty Images)



It goes without saying that your wedding day should be one of the most special days of your life – but many people will tell you it’s different once you’ve done it all before.

Lots of couples who remarry opt for slightly more low-key celebrations, having been through all the glitz and the glamour of a big wedding the first time around.

However, one couple, who recently tied the knot, have sparked uproar online after confessing they didn’t invite any of the eight children they share together to their big day.

The couple, who are in their early 40s, have both been married before, and together they have eight children, six sons and two daughters, all aged between 16 and seven.

The couple have both been married before and have children of their own

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“I met my wife in December last year,” the 42-year-old, who divorced his wife eight years ago, wrote on Reddit’s Am I The A**hole forum. “She was widowed in November, and we got engaged two weeks ago in front of all the kids who were very happy.”

The man went on to explain that his three children went to their mum’s house shortly after their engagement, and while they were there, he tied the knot with his now-wife.

“It wasn’t a big wedding, just a nice evening on the waterfront. Her kids were with their grandparents and again mine were with the mother. I talked to them several times during the week like I usually do,” he explained.

“When they came home from the mother’s house, my daughter noticed I was wearing a wedding ring. At that point we told the kids we were married, then we had a BBQ with cake.”

It all sounds pretty casual, but it wasn’t long before the children started to kick up a fuss, questioning why they weren’t invited to their own parents’ wedding.

“My wife says this is what she wanted and it’s okay they weren’t there,” he continued, before turning to Reddit to question whether they were wrong not to invite them.

“I would imagine your kids feel like you’re already choosing your new wife over them, and unfortunately they’re not even wrong,” one Reddit user commented.

“A wedding when you have minor children isn’t just you and your wife coming together; it’s your families too. Your kids are part of this. Not including them in the day if they wanted to be there wasn’t the right move in my opinion.”

Another agreed: “I know people are going to jump on me about this being ‘your day’, but my issue is that your wife didn’t want any of your children there and you just went with it? She was like ‘it’s okay’ and you were like ‘sure.’

“Why may I ask? Aren’t you trying to blend your families? Why were you okay with your kids not being there? Is this the first of many times that you are going to go with what your wife wants without consideration for your children?”

A third added: “Your children are real whole human beings, with emotions, thoughts, understanding. They deserve to be treated as such and with respect. Especially from the dad who is meant to be on their side.

“It was unnecessary and I cant think of any valid reason you needed to cut them out or this moment. But even worse than that, it’s so disrespectful to not even tell them after. Them having to ask you about it 100 percent makes it you hiding for them and feel malicious or calculated.”

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