Couple who caught falling cat in viral clip reveal it immediately urinated everywhere

We’ve all seen those videos where a good Samaritan saving an animal from danger or a certain predicament, only for it to run off into the distance with no sign of appreciation.

It makes sense, really, given that they’re animals incapable of expressing things the same way we do – obviously.

Yet, when a cat fell from the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida on Saturday – halfway through the match between the Miami Hurricanes and Appalachian State – only for a US flag to break its fall, it decided to do one thing as a token of its thanks.

By urinating “pretty much all over everything”, of course.

Craig Cromer, who caught the cat in the flag with his wife Kimberly, told CNN: “The cat knew exactly how much trouble it was in, and it urinated pretty much all over everything.

“It was good to see that the cat was okay, but between the urine and the Coke that was spilled on me, I was sticky and stinky.”

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The latest development in the story has prompted a range of reactions from Twitter users:

Others were more interested in an update from the cat:

In addition to urinating on fans, videos show the feline clawing at spectators as it was lifted in celebration.

According to the Miami Herald, however, the whereabouts of the urinating daredevil is unknown.


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