Couple who lost their son win lottery twice in two consecutive weeks

A few months ago, a couple who lost their son to the coronavirus finally received some good news when they won the lottery. The pair put the money to use specially.

In July, an Essex couple won the lottery twice in two weeks. The bittersweet winning streak has managed to put a smile on their faces after their tragic loss. Unfortunately, the 74-year-old Susan Slater and her husband of 55 years experienced a tragedy this year after their son Steve succumbed to Covid-19. Fortunately, they got some good news recently.

The pair won £1,000 (about $1,400) in their People’s Postcode Lottery, revealed on July 15. Two weeks later, they found out that they were in luck again. This time they won a bumper prize of £30,000 (about $41,300). This money allowed Mrs. Slater to plan a big memorial in celebration of her son’s life.

The grieving mother expressed that she wanted to celebrate her son properly, and with the help of her community and lottery winnings, it is possible. The moment was special to Mrs. Slater, who initially thought it was a joke that someone was playing on her.

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She said that her daughter, daughter-in-law, five grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren would all be “getting a little bit” of the winnings. The Slaters also indicated that they love a good holiday, so now they could plan something special. Mrs. Slater outlined that she would be taking a nice long cruise with her husband.

The people’s postcode lottery ambassador Matt Johnson also spoke about his joy in sharing the good news with Mrs. Slater and her family.

One user remarked: “Wow, this is awesome news through difficult times sending prayers.” Another shared this sentiment and said: “way to go there, you have it, a wonderful win, and it only gets better.”

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