Couples therapist reveals how to win every argument with your partner and it has nothing to do with your tone of voice

WE can all agree that fighting with your partner can ruin your day and even your week.

Fights will always be about who is right and who is wrong – and this therapist has revealed the secret to always coming out on top.


A therapist revealed how to win every argument with your partnerCredit: @therapyden/tiktok
It's all about connecting and not about proving who is right or wrong


It’s all about connecting and not about proving who is right or wrongCredit: @therapyden/tiktok

Jeff Guenther, who runs the TikTok account TherapyDen, explained in a video that couples usually fight “over really silly s**t.”

After dramatizing a fight between a couple where the husband spent too much time looking at t-shirts and the wife tried to rush him out, he explained what needed to be done.

“What needs to happen is that one of them needs to stop being right and instead, be connected,” he revealed.

“You’ve probably heard that before but that’s how you win every fight.”

He continued: “When you’re the person who stopped trying to be right, ignore any bashing that may come and keep focusing on being connected.

“By not engaging on who is right or wrong, you going back to feeling connected and loving your partner.

“If you can do that, you win every time – you might not win by proving them wrong but you win by getting out of the fight and being the bigger person.”

Previously, The Sun had revealed the six signs that your man was no longer interested in a relationship with you and was waiting for you to end it.


Every time you want to do something he makes an excuse as to why he can’t meet up. 

If this sounds familiar then you need to take urgent action and tell him how you’re feeling. 

Talk things through in a non-blaming way, so instead of saying, ‘You never tell me about your day’ say, ‘I miss hearing about your day.’

This approach will stop him from getting his back up and shutting down the conversation.


Has your kind, loving partner turned into a different person who takes offense at everything you say?

If he’s acting defensively, this could be a serious red flag. 

Research shows when a partner is up to no good they try to reflect their bad behavior by criticizing their primary partner and starting arguments over small things.

Ask him outright and observe his body language. Avoiding eye contact, touching his face often, repeating himself or laughing could indicate he’s lying. 


You’re sending him messages on Whatsapp and he’s read them but not replied.  That little blue tick can be tortuous and you start wondering the worst – especially if they used to fast at replying.

When a guy’s interest wanes he no longer makes you a priority and it can hurt like hell. 

The best thing to do is completely back off, don’t bombard him with messages or ring him as it will only push him away further. Leave him for a few days and let him miss you. 

If he doesn’t come back to you apologizing, walk away – you’re worth more than that. 


When someone stops asking questions or showing an interest in our life it can be extremely painful and confusing. 

We often blame ourselves and wonder what we did wrong, even though it’s not our fault. 

Often when one partner is losing interest it’s because one of you has changed and you’re both looking in different directions. 

Not asking about your day or your feelings is not something you can ignore. It will destroy your self-esteem in the long-run. 

Give him the benefit of the doubt and continue to ask him questions and work on the conversation. 

But if it feels too much like hard work, tell him what you want from a partner and if he doesn’t step up you have your answer. 


Most couples in long-term partnerships have sex once a week on average.

If you’re doing it less than this then it could be a serious red flag.

First and foremost, try and find out if there are any external pressures that could be affecting his libido. 

Work stress, money issues, and medical problems can wreak havoc between the sheets so it’s important to rule them out first before you start thinking the worst. 

Take the lead, suggest couple’s counseling. It could bring the issue to light so you can pinpoint the problem. 


When you start a new relationship everything is exciting and you can’t wait to rip your partner’s clothes off.

But as time goes on that magical feeling fades and relationships can feel like hard work.

If your partner seems disinterested in places you suggest going then you need to spice things up a bit.

Create a memory book and put all your favorite pics together inside.  Then recreate your first date and wear the same outfit you wore when you first met. 

Try and bring some fun back into your relationship and avoid any serious topics on your night out.

Couples that fight over 'silly stuff' can use this method to stop the fighting


Couples that fight over ‘silly stuff’ can use this method to stop the fightingCredit: Getty

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