Courtney Waldrop Is Done Torturing Older Boys, Focuses On Sextuplets

Sweet Home Sextuplets mom Courtney Waldrop is giving her older sons, Saylor, Wales, and Bridge, a break. She’s decided it’s time to torture the sextuplets instead.

Courtney Waldrop Instagram

In a new Instagram post, Courtney shared two new snaps of the sextuplets and wrote, “I actually grabbed my ‘big’ camera for a change instead of always snapping pictures with my cell phone and took the Sextuplets out in the field for a photo shoot!! I let the Big Boys off the hook this time since I had already tortured them with back to school pictures!!”

As we reported, the Waldrops have entered a new stage in their life with Saylor heading to middle school this year.

In her post, Courtney adds that she has to bring her husband Eric along to take pictures of the kids, which isn’t his favorite thing to do. She says it was 100° when they took these photos.

Courtney Waldrop Instagram

Eric only agreed to help Courtney with this little photo shoot if it would be the last time she put the baby boys in their “bubble outfits.” On social media, Courtney often shares photos of the sextuplets wearing their one-piece bubble outfits, and fans love them. But, the mom of nine explains why it’s time to give them up.

She writes, ” They’re only little once and as I’ve said before they’ve got the rest of their life to dress like “big boys” but I am in agreement that they are getting big and being that they will be turning 4 in December… I’m retiring all boy bubbles😢….so what better way to end it with some pictures!!😍”

Sweet Home Sextuplets fans love Courtney Waldrop’s new snaps.

In response to the photos Courtney shared, she’s getting lots of positive comments from fans. They can’t help but comment on how adorable the sextuplets are. Fans also can’t believe how quickly they’re growing up and that they will turn four in December.

One of Courtney’s followers sweetly writes, “You take such adorable photos, Courtney! Although I’m sure it helps that the subjects of the photos are just so darn adorable! 🥰” Others share similar sentiments, gushing over the toddlers. Somehow, Courtney was able to get all of the kids looking at the camera and smiling too, which fans know isn’t an easy task.

So, are you excited to see more pictures of the sextuplets now? Do you think the older boys are glad to get a break? Let us know in the comments below.

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