Courtney Waldrop reveals Eric broke their new bed

Sweet Home Sextuplets mother Courtney Waldrop wasn’t feeling too good when her husband Eric brought their new bed home. Why? Well, because he already broke it. Turns out, Eric Waldrop actually broke their new bed before they even got it in the door and set up. Courtney Waldrop, however, has previously told her followers it has been three years since the couple slept in a real bed that wasn’t on the floor. So, she wasn’t interested in letting a crack in the bed stop her from finally getting off of the floor.


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Courtney Waldrop reveals Eric broke their new bed

According to a video they uploaded to their Instagram Stories, Eric Waldrop hit a rough patch while driving home that caused the new bed to bounce in the back of his track. Unfortunately, this ended up putting a pretty big crack in the headboard. Courtney Waldrop thought it was pretty funny they managed to break the bed before even getting it through the door. She noted they would just fix the crack with some glue and it would be good as new.

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‘Too big’ for a bed without modifications

Courtney Waldrop also shared some footage of her husband sliding under the bed frame as he worked to add some more support to it. She explained that her husband insisted he was a bigger guy. And, there was no way the frame was going to support his weight without some additional support. Courtney questioned how safe it really was for her husband to be sliding under the bed with power tools. Eric jested that after the day he was having it probably wasn’t the best decision. But, he wasn’t going to get on the bed without the extra support.

Given how many children Courtney and Eric have, and the fact that they are definitely going to pile into that bed at some point in time, the extra support on the frame makes sense.

The Waldrop kids were thrilled to try out mommy and daddy’s bed

Now, the children wasted no time climbing around the room and trying to get on the bed. Courtney had to hold a few of the kids back and urged them to wait until there was a mattress on the frame before they started to get on the bed.

Overall, everyone seemed excited about the new bed. Including Eric Waldrop who managed to break it before he even got it home.

Do you think it is funny that Eric Waldrop broke their new bed before they got it home? Do you think Courtney Waldrop enjoyed a great night’s sleep after three years of being on the floor? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the Waldrop family.


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