‘Crazy’ UFO spotted on Google Maps ‘not far from Area 51’ sparks alien theories

A Google Maps user has spotted a UFO floating in the sky close to the US’s notoriously secretive military base Area 51.

The small grey and white object is seen to the east as it flies high in a clear blue sky in Tahoe City, California.

The is just over 300 miles from Area 51’s location in Nevada – which by American standards – is pretty close.

Posting their findings to Reddit, the user asked, “Is this a UFO on Google maps?” with a link to the location.

Other fascinated believers in extraterrestrial life said: “I’m sure it is a bug, or perhaps an artefact of the camera but. . . it’s not far from Area 51. And it does indeed resemble the classic shape of a ‘flying saucer.'”

Another added: “Interesting if you move just a bit it’s not seen anymore.”

A third said: “Oh damn, looks crazy dude.”

The UFO was spotted in the sky close to Area 51

However, not everyone was fully convinced as one user said: “Hmm. if you move slightly you see a plane..”

Another believed that it was “just a bird.”

But others quickly came to the defence of the sighting as they said: “This plane is visible in the original location with the UFO, it is off to the left side of the UFO.”

The post has since been removed from the forum due to being categorised as a low effort post.

The news comes after experts branded ‘dark cube’ UFOs were spotted flying in the area near Area 51 a warning to the US military.

ufo, california
The UFO sighting sparked a debate on reddit

The most recent sighting was reported in Las Vegas, Nevada, on October 4, as a small object floats in the sky on a clear day – in an area that is famous for the Area 51 facility.

An eyewitness said: “Not sure what it was, but I know it ain’t a plane or helicopter. It didn’t look like any drone I have seen.”

Analysing the sighting on UFO sightings daily, Scott C. Waring made a series of outlandish claims.

He said: “Area 51 is not far away, so aliens have a high interest in what these secret bases are up to. This is 100% proof that aliens are watching us. If that’s not a warning to the US military then I don’t know what is.”

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