Creative Ways to Update Your Home with Photos

These days, you’re probably spending more time at home than ever before, making it more important than ever that your home is a space where you can find joy, peace, and creativity. 

Looking to liven up your space? Then know displaying photos throughout your home of some of your favorite people, places, or memories is a great way to make some fun and simple updates.

First, Consider Your Home’s Layout and Size

Before you decide which photos to print, it’s important to take stock of the spaces in your home that could use some attention. Do you have a large empty wall where you could display large prints or create a gallery? Do you live in a small apartment where uniquely displayed individual prints could really make things pop? Think of the areas in your home where you spend the most time and prioritize those places first.

Decide Whether to Display Photos, Art, or Photo Art

Next, think about what type of décor would make your house feel more like a home. For instance, could abstract art prints bring you joy, or are pictures of loved ones more your style? If you’re having a tough time deciding, think about creating unique photo art

Photo art bridges the gap between photos and art by adding text, borders, and other one-of-a-kind designs to turn your everyday photos into works of art. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but photo art adds another dimension to your photos. For example, display wedding photos alongside your wedding vows or turn a photo of your first home into a custom house portrait with a photo art project.

Discover Some Creative Ways to Decorate with Photos

Now that you have an idea of what to update in your home, you get to decide the most fun part — how to display your photos! Here are some creative ideas for displaying photos and art in your home:

Add a Photo Ledge with Mismatched Frames

For an effortless, carefree look that you can update over and over again, add a photo ledge to an open wall and pair it with mismatched frames in various sizes and colors. The possibilities are truly endless with this idea, as you can swap out images and frames as often as you’d like. 

Display Cards

Do you keep wedding, holiday, or thank-you cards for years? Instead of storing them in a box in your closet, display them front and center in your living room or elsewhere. Displaying cards fills your home with the loving words of treasured friends, even when you’re home alone. Add cards and photos to a pinboard, or DIY a custom scrapbook to spice up your coffee table.

Add “Frames” to Your Photos with Washi Tape

Maybe you don’t like the look (or the cost) of bulky picture frames. For a fun, colorful option, create a faux frame effect by taping your photos to the wall with washi tape. Washi tape is a type of Japanese masking tape that comes in endless colors and designs. Find the washi tape that perfectly complements your home’s aesthetic, and then design and tape a frame around your photos.

Turn Your Photos into Home Décor 

If you have minimal wall space but are still looking to add some photos to your home, turn your pictures into home décor. From throw pillows to puzzles, there are dozens of ways you can incorporate photos and photo art in your home. A custom calendar will bring new joy each month, and personalized wrapping paper is a great way to bring a laugh during holiday gifting.

Create a Gallery Wall

Gallery walls can be intimidating, but if you have a large empty wall in your home, creating one is a great way to fill it. Not sure how to go about it? Try choosing one aspect of the wall that will remain constant. Maybe you’ll decide to have all the picture frames be the same color or size, or perhaps all the images will be from the same photo session. Whatever you choose, try different layouts by placing your frames on the floor first. This gives you the opportunity to make changes before nailing anything into the wall.

Make Your House Feel Like a Home

No matter if you’ve lived in your house for a year or have called your humble abode home for a decade, your home should tell your story and offer a personal connection of sorts. Indeed, the things that matter most to you should be collected and assembled throughout your living space to not only create greater flow but also help you recall precious memories. Whether you decide to add a photo ledge near your fireplace or bookshelf, adorn “frames” to your photos with washi tape, and/or create a gallery wall, make your house feel like a home by redecorating with photos, art, and photo art.


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