Creepy ‘face’ spotted in back of car so filthy garage refused to give it MOT

A garage worker refused to carry out an MoT on a car so filthy he said he was worried what he might “catch” by going near it.

The motor was filled with dirty clothes, junk food remains, fizzy drinks and packets of tobacco over the seats when it was brought into the garage.

The red vehicle also has threadbare seats, while the floor inside is littered with empty food packaging.

MOT tester Sam Burrows shared photos of the car online as he admitted he refused to inspect the vehicle.

He wrote: “Happy fickin Monday. Point-blank refused to test this, the customer just laughed and walked off like I was joking.

“One MoT fee is not worth me catching whatever is flecking lurking in this thing.”

The garage worker refused to carry out an MoT on the vehicle as it was so filthy

MOT is a means of testing vehicle safety, exhaust emissions and roadworthiness.

Sam shared the shocking snaps of the dirty car on an online MOT tester forum.

Many other workers supported his refusal to inspect the car.

However, the dirtiness was not the only thing that caught people’s attention.

In a creepy twist, one eagle-eyed user spotted what seemed like a human face buried beneath bags of junk on the back seat.

He wrote: “Err… I think there may be a person in the back?

“Look slightly to the left from the top of the driver seat, there is a very pale face poking out.”

The user referenced a sci-fi movie directed by Ridley Scott as a prequel to Alien, adding: “Looks like the face of the alien in Prometheus.”

He then continued: “I reckon we could make a DVSA approved reason to refuse version of Where’s Wally with these pics!

“There’s enough of them to make a hard back!”

Another user agreed with Sam’s decision to refuse to check the vehicle due to its horrific condition.

“Refuse to test,” he simply wrote.


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