Creepy house that inspired The Conjuring on market as owners’ daughter reveals heartache

The daughter of the family living in the infamous house inspired The Conjuring film has expressed her heartbreak at putting the house up on the market.

Owners Jenn and Cory Heinzen are asking $1.2million (£880,000) for the 3,100sq ft home, which is at the heart of the 2013 horror flick, and its 8.5 acres of wooded surroundings, the Wall Street Journal reports.

The couple, who are paranormal investigators, bought the property in 2019 and spent $50,000 (£36,000) on renovations including a new roof and living space in the barn.

Their daughter Madison has forged a huge TikTok following of more than 1 million from making content in the creepy property – and revealed her upset at giving up the home.

Speaking through tears on the app, she said: “This is a video I never thought I’d be making but if you guys have not seen the news, we put the Conjuring house up on the market.

“Please know that it was not an easy decision to make, it is something we have been contemplating for months now and there are many reasons as to why.

The paranormal activity in the house inspired the 2013 horror movie, the Conjuring

“One of the major reasons we decided to put the house up for sale was that it’s taken a huge toll on my family’s health and wellbeing, particularly my dad’s, so we can’t keep doing what we’re doing. We are trying to live two different lives in Maine and Rhode Island, it’s just really hard. “

Maddison continued to explain that she would continue to make paranormal content as it means a lot to her.

The family have claimed to have experienced no upset from “spirits”, explaining they go to the spirits to approve renovation plans..

Cory explained: “It was a sign of respect for the spirits, letting them get used to us instead of barging in.”

The owners were stunned after being treated by an apparition, adding: “Once we realised we were both awake and both seeing it, it was gone.”

Since then, the couple say they have connected many times with “spirits” in the house.

They’ve built a business allowing paranormal investigators to spend the night on the property and say they are booked solid for 2022.

However, they are now selling the home, ghosts and all, in the hope that it will be taken on by someone else as respectful of the “spirits” as they are and who will continue to run the business.

conjuring house library
The current owners explained to the spirits that they would be making restorations

The house is located about 40 minutes from Providence in the small town of Harrisville, on 8.5 acres in a grassy clearing.

The home came to prominence in the 1970s after the Perron family moved in and claimed to experience extreme paranormal events.

the conjuring house
The house is on sale for $1.2 million

Inside are wall stencils, hand-dipped candles, bundles of dried herbs, and an unfinished wooden staircase leading to a vast, stone-walled cellar. The original structure was built circa 1736 but only showed up in records in 1836.

A series of books by the eldest Perron daughter, Andrea, claimed a sister was attacked by an unseen entity and a scythe flew off a wall, nearly killing her mother.

The Perrons brought in popular paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren to investigate the happenings, giving the home further notoriety and inspiring The Conjuring movie.

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