Creepy ‘killer clown’ discovered on Google Earth sends shivers down viewers’ spines

A killer clown has apparently been spotted in Google Earth by eagle-eyed viewers who claim they are spooked to the core.

In a TikTok video, user zooms in on a very ordinary-looking bridge located in the city of Ithaca in New York, US.

The bridge carries traffic over a canal and, underneath the road, a footpath follows the river.

Zooming in more, the TikToker appears to find what looks like a very spooky face lurking in the shadows ready to leer at anyone passing by.

They joked it looked like “Pennywise”, the killer clown from Stephen King’s horror story IT.

Other people then searched for the coordinates on Google Earth, which you can find at 42°26’35.24″N 76°30’49.09″W or click here, and said it had them freaked out.

The clip was watched more than 2 million times on the video-sharing app and thousands of people weighed in with their opinions.

One viewer name-dropped another scary clown and commented: “It looks more like the Joker.”

“Well now I know where I don’t want to go,” joked a second.

Someone else quipped: “I’m never ever walking under a bridge again without thinking there’s a murderous clown lurking around, thanks for that.”

The terrifying 'face' looked like a killer clown to many viewers
The terrifying ‘face’ resembled a killer clown to many viewers
(Image: TikTok

Meanwhile, other viewers came up with a more rational explanation and said it was likely a trick of the brain.

Humans often perceive ordinary objects as faces in a phenomenon known as pareidolia.

One user commented that the “eyes” of the blown were just bolts and part of the bridge structure.

Someone else agreed: “I think it’s pareidolia (the ability to recognise family shapes or faces when there aren’t any).”

This comes after a Google Earth user reckoned they spotted a “crashed UFO” on an uninhabited island, sparking a frenzy of conspiracy theories.

And another user found a bloke who seemed to be having a poo in a field after he was caught with his pants down.

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