Criminal Minds Season 15 Best Episodes According To IMDB 2021 – All 15 Seasons Considered!

A notable promoting level in “Sex, Birth, Death” was the exceptional guest-starring look by Anton Yelchin as Nathan Harris, a teen slowly shedding his means to wrestle along with his darkish impulses.

Knowing that he had the indicators of a budding serial killer, Nathan needed to cease himself from taking place that path. He even sought out Reid’s assist — however, there merely seemed to be no strategy to maintain Nathan’s case from ending badly. Anton Yelchin’s tragic real-life untimely loss of life, on reflection, now lends this episode much more pathos. But it would not require it — on its first airing, “Sex, Birth, Death” was extraordinarily potent.

Dark, extremely properly acted, and with a penetrating concentrate on empathy and psychology, this Season 2 episode makes one of many clearest instances for “Criminal Minds” having a novel id of its personal. After all these years, it’s episodes like this that made “Minds” stand out in a crowded subject of TV procedurals.


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