Crystal Kung Minkoff Defends Erika Jayne’s Perceived Lack Of Empathy For Tom Girardi’s Clients

Crystal Kung Minkoff Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

At this point in watching Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, we are starting to see the early days of scandal for Erika Jayne. Entrenched in the allegations that husband Tom Girardi was embezzling settlement money from his victims has left Erika a shell of her former self on the show. And as the episodes continue, it’s not getting an easier for her.

A lot of that has to do with the wild stories she’s telling about the supposed demise of her marriage. Car crashes, mental decline, lack of affection, constant phone calls. She’s putting it all out there but little seems to add up. What’s even more concerning is Erika’s perceived lack of empathy for the victims. Especially with her antics on social media. But Erika does have one defender in her corner.

Newbie Crystal Kung Minkoff has come to Erika’s defense. As reported by Us Weekly, Crystal recently appeared on the podcast Andy’s Girls to give her take on Erika’s actions.

As for Erika not outwardly expressing empathy, Crystal said, “I totally understand, I really do. And I would probably feel that same way, had I not been on the show. Because you can watch everything through this sort of lens. Right? Social media is edited too, all of it. It’s designed to create a story, right? All I know, for me, is that I saw a whole person.” Crystal also revealed that off camera, Erika is “someone who constantly messaged and messaged me to check-in and see how I’m doing with the show.”

She elaborated, “That’s the person that I get to experience. That being said, whatever guidance she’s getting, there has to be a reason to not address what’s going on with the victims. Because those are the real victims. But, by the way, she might be a victim too. We don’t know.”


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Crystal went on, “I can’t imagine that that’s not what’s in her heart. It’s hard for me to imagine that that’s not something that she thinks about all the time. I think right now — and this is all speculation. Because I try to put myself in her situation, right? Mine was leather pants, and I felt my world was spiraling of the intensity of arguing about a word. But this is real stuff.” LOL at her comparing her leather pants being called ugly to this.

The freshman housewife also believes that what Erika is going through is “unimaginable” and would be hard for people to put themselves in her shoes. “You can try, I try. So what I think, I think she is likely in survival mode. Her whole life has crumbled. It’s not crumbling – it’s crumbled. Right? And whether she is a victim, or we don’t know.”


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Crystal also noted that Erika had to go through this in “real time” of filming. She explained, “I’d like to give grace to her in that she’s going through trauma. And just because someone else’s trauma is bigger, which is no doubt, the victims’ [trauma] is bigger — whether she knew or not — her trauma is real for her.” She added, “I think if people want Erika to act … that’s also unrealistic. This was ten months ago. ‘Just keep watching,’ is what you’re supposed to say. So I think that for her, because the story is just starting still — we’re not at the end — I think it’s just time. That’s what I imagine is happening.

Crystal also admitted she hasn’t asked Erika much because “it’s none of [her] business.” Crystal concluded, “If she wants to share with me, she will. But I just can’t imagine she doesn’t think about [the victims]. She’s never shown me that kind of person, the kind of person she is.”


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So are we finally seeing the real Erika? Or is this just another one of her performances and she’s got her castmates fooled? Either way, there is only so long Erika can keep this up. Because we are all watching.


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