Curious dog asks owner ‘where are you going?’ in hilarious viral video

Alaskan Malamute Hugo watched his owner getting ready before walking up to her and asking the question

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Alaskan Malamute asks owner ‘where are you going?’

If dogs could speak they’d definitely be asking us what’s for dinner, and what time are we going out for a walk?

But one dog has seemingly asked their owner where they’re going in a hilarious video which has gone viral online.

The clip sees a woman standing in front of a full length mirror when pet pup Hugo walks in and appears to say ‘where are you going?’, the Express reports.

The fluffy malamute’s deep grumble has seen thousands of people convinced he can talk.

The footage was uploaded to video sharing site TikTok, by an account named cheekclapper24_7_365. They gave it the caption “I was just trying to see if my outfit was cute”.

The video has been watched more than 9.5 million times

In just under three weeks, the funny scenario has been watched more than 9.5 million times and gained over 2.1 million likes.

Several viewers shared their thoughts in the comment section, with many people agreeing that the hound has a secret talent and seems to have spoken English.

One person said: “So adorable! And such a distinguished voice!”

Another TikTok user jokingly replied: “I’m pretty sure that was a compliment.”


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A viewer also commented: “He is telling you that you look fabulous.”

Other responses included that they thought the dog had said “What are you wearing?” and “Well hello.”

Hugo’s owner has since continued to post other TikTok videos where she showcases her fashion style with her pup humorously rating her latest outfits.

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