Current eviction plans & drama ahead (Day 37)

Big Brother 23Tonight on Big Brother 23we are presumably going to see the last eviction before the start of the jury.

So what’s going to happen? Who will end up being evicted at the end of the night? Signs still point to Christian, despite a lot of chaos that happened for most of yesterday. We know that Xavier and Alyssa would both like to keep them around and Tiffany’s in a reasonably-similar spot. She knows that keeping Sarah Beth helps Kyland and not her; the problem comes via the numbers. If she got Claire on board with the plan, she’d need one more — and this is where her issues with the Jokers come into play.

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A day and a half ago, Tiffany ruffled feathers big-time with Azah and Derek F. after she tried to strongarm them into telling Christian that they were going to evict him. They weren’t exactly a big fan of being told what to do. When Tiffany tried to have a chat with Britini yesterday about the vote Azah and Derek F. were again there, this time to stop it. They may be a part of the Cookout with Tiffany, but that doesn’t mean that they trust her. We think Tiffany realized that pushing too hard to save Christian would alienate too many people, especially within her own alliance. She might be able to make it happen, but it’d be putting her game at risk.

Late last night Claire told Christian that he was probably going to be evicted; after that, he briefly threatened to hold a house meeting and expose Derek X., Sarah Beth, and Kyland as a trio in the game. (Not exactly the case, even if Kyland and Sarah Beth are close.) Xavier talked him out of it, mostly because it could put him and Alyssa in a bad spot. Xavier is doing his best lawyer impression right now, mostly in how he’s trying to mediate conversations and encourage everyone to get along.

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