Curvy model argues term plus size is ‘prejudiced’ and sexist against women

The fashion world can be cut throat with super slim figures taking centre stage for the last 50 years.

But, in the last five years the plus-size movement has made waves with models like Iskra Lawrence, a size 14, and Tess Holliday, a size 26, landing covers and runway shows.

This means that women and girls who don’t fit into a size 6 to 8 can finally feel like their bodies are represented in fashion.

And, thousands of stunning plus sized models have since premiered alongside mid-size and plus-size Instargram stars.

Which can only be a good thing for the body positivity movement right?

Well, not according to fashion model and influencer Lu Duarte.

The gorgeous model came to the world’s attention after winning the Miss Butt World beauty pageant in 2020 – and she believes the term plus-size is discriminatory.

Lu has featured on the cover of Fashion Magazine NYC, Sensualidad and Malvie Magazine this month

Lu Duarte recently starred on the cover of three magazines in one month and has seen success on Instagram where she has 984,000 followers.

The beauty has also been a cover girl for Playboy.

The influencer has coined the term “fitness curve” to describe her Kardashion-esque figure.

And, she wants the modelling industry to follow suit…

Lu explained: “It’s about being fitness, but having curves.

“I know I’m representing a lot of people who work hard at the gym but will never have a body like Gisele Bundchen and Kate Moss.”

The model does not accept the term plus size, as she thinks it represses women.

She said: “The term plus size is a way of calling women who are out of the box, I don’t think it’s cool, I think it’s prejudiced.

“I prefer fitness curves, we have curves and we’re healthy.”

And, Lu commented on her creation of the term “fitness curves”.

She said: “I created the term hoping to represent people with bodies like mine.

“We are not plus size – we are hot and curvy…

“It is important to talk about accepting our own measurements”.

Lu hates the term plus size
Lu hates the term plus size

Previously, Lu opened up about her quest to find the hair colour that is “most arousing”.

Working for magazines and on photoshoots, the model tried on £43,000 worth of wigs.

The curvy model said: “Hair colours are powerful for intimacy.

“I think a hair colour can influence a lot.”

And, according to the Brazilian, red hair is the sexiest.

Lu commented: “With the redhead, it was possible to reach the apex [orgasm] in much less time.

“Men also appeared more”.

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