Customer Leaves Huge Tip at Florida Restaurant More than 3 Times the Actual Order

The staff at the Firefly restaurant received a summer treat after a customer dropped a tip worth thrice the actual order. The restaurant’s owner shared the invoice on social media.

A Floridan restaurant hosted an unusual customer who left them with a $1000 tip. The tip amount was over three times the price of the total order.

The establishment, Firefly, outed the news via its official Facebook page, posting a picture of the invoice issued following the payment made via American Express.

Picture of the invoice issued | Photo:

According to the Facebook post, the incredible guest wanted to ensure the men and women on the cooking line were taken care of. Hence, their bonus tip.

The restaurant’s owner, Dave Trepanier, began the post by explaining that his love for his line of business stemmed from his love for his staff and the uncertainty of what to expect every night. He went on to mention the customer’s good deed, saying:

“It’s been a long hard summer for the staff in the kitchen. It’s nice to know some folk out there appreciate them.”

Hands exchanging a $10 bill | Photo: Pexels

Hands exchanging a $10 bill | Photo: Pexels

The accompanying invoice confirmed August 4 as the issuance date. It also listed the amount of the total order made by the patron as $285.66.

In total, the customer paid $1285.66, tips inclusive, making the anonymous patron one of the biggest tippers in the restaurant’s history.

The generous tip went a long way in encouraging the staff at the Panama City Beach restaurant to keep up their hard work and impressive service rendering.

Photo of a waitress serving a customer | Photo: Pexels

Photo of a waitress serving a customer | Photo: Pexels

Several netizens have trooped into the comment section to sing praises of the anonymous tipper, who was living proof that good still existed in the world. Many used the medium to send out thanks to the generous customer while extending heartfelt prayers. One wrote:

“What a wonderful gift. God bless the patron and the workers!”

Another was glad to know that generous people still existed in these dark times. Many commenters focused on praising the restaurant for their impressive services, which earned them well-deserved tips.

A user's comment on the viral post. | Photo: Facebook / FireflyPCB

A user’s comment on the viral post. | Photo: Facebook / FireflyPCB

Some commenters, however, expressed discontent over the turn of events, especially the guest’s decision to tip the kitchen staff. One voiced, “Whatever happened to the waitresses or waiters getting the tips? Since when did the tips go to anyone other than them? Just curious. Don’t get me wrong, I love Firefly.”

Trepanier responded to the aggravated comment, reassuring the displeased fan that the waiters were also taken care of, as the guest specifically requested the server split the tip with the kitchen crew.

Inside view of a beautiful restaurant | Photo: Pexels

Inside view of a beautiful restaurant | Photo: Pexels

Another seemed dissatisfied by the customer’s decision to tip the server and ask her to share when she would end up paying taxes on the whole tip. The restaurant’s owner reasoned along the same line, promising to make it up to the waitress who received the tip.

Despite the varying opinions, everyone seemed to agree the customer’s good deed was a well-needed boost for the staff of the fancy restaurant and reassurance to many who doubted the existence of good in the world.

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