Customers slammed after printing out instructions for chef on how to cook their meal

The printed instructions on how to cook and prepare their hamburgers left people divided, after a member of staff shared the instructions on social media and they went viral

Their order went viral

It’s important to get what you asked for, but one couple left people divided over whether their demands were reasonable.

One waitress shared the instructions one couple had printed out for the chef while visiting the chain US restaurant where she works.

The couple in question seem to have a very specific idea on how their hamburger should be cooked and prepared in their takeaway order.

A member of the staff shared the demands online, adding: “Ok, so I don’t usually post, but this I couldn’t resist…two guests came in today with their own printed instructions on how they wanted their food prepared.

“Absof******lutely, Karen…”

The instructions left people divided


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It seems Alan and Karen know exactly how they want their food to be cooked – with the burger patties cooked as rarely as possible.

Then veggies, cheese and bed should be stored in their own containers, and “of course” fries are in a separate container.

The printed instructions left people divided, as one woman wrote: “I mean I would absolutely hate this. But some people can’t have foods touch.

“I used to not be able to eat the parts of my food that were touching it would make me nauseous just looking at it. Eventually, I grew out of it but it was hell.”

Another said: “Soggy food also wigs me out as I’m a huge texture nut, so I understand what they’re doing here.”

A third added: “Not to be “that guy”, but to be fair this could be a neurological thing.

“Some people have texture issues and sensory sensitivities, and some people just have to have things a certain way to avoid anxiety. People with autism, ADHD, and OCD often experience all of these symptoms.”

But one person wrote: “Is this because she is going to save money and not have to buy her own containers for a whole year after using all of yours?! People just make me so mad.

“Sounds like Karen needs to make her own burger. At home.”

Another wrote: “The only problem I have with this is the condescending tone of the instructions.

“It’s an easy request, but it’s the “how to prepare Alan & Karen’s burgers to go” and the “of course the fries in a separate container ” that do it for me.”


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