Cute boy pretends to eat his asparagus by hiding it in his high chair… but his dad catches him out

THIS cheeky tot couldn’t be bothered to put up a fight when it came to eating his greens – so instead he tricks his dad by pretending to eat them.

In a cute video, 15-month-old Zeke Walters appears to be chewing pieces of yummy asparagus but he’s caught red-handed as he slips them down his high chair.


This little boy got caught red-handed when he hid his veg in his high chairCredit: YouTube

His dad Donnie Walters, from Indiana, posted the hilarious clip to his 13,834 followers on his Facebook page Donnie’s Daddy Daycare.

He wrote: “He was cracking us up. It was so hard not to laugh when it was happening.”

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Many were quick to comment on their own similar experiences with their kids.

One mum wrote: “My little boy does exactly the same.”

Another pointed out: “You have a genius right there! When I was older, my mom wouldn’t let us leave the table without eating our veggies.

 He thought he could get away with his little ploy


He thought he could get away with his little ployCredit: YouTube

“I would put my peas in my pocket and head to the bathroom to flush them when it looked like I was done!

Daddy Donnie replied: “He will definitely be keeping me on my toes.”

He’s not the only little joker who thinks he can fool his elders.

This baby boy is going to turn into a right old prankster when he grows up.

In a cute video, the six-day-old infant pretends to fall asleep in his auntie’s arm.

But he ruins his own little ploy by letting out an adorable, yet mischievous, giggle.

The tiny tot who is all snuggled up in a blanket in the arms of his auntie couldn’t contain his pose as he cheekily opens his left eye before closing it again quickly – hoping no one would notice.

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But as his eagle-eyed auntie catches him out and says “you’re awake”, the cheeky tot’s face breaks into a large grin and chuckles away at his antics.

He’s got a long way before he can fool anyone with his pranks but at this rate he’ll probably end up like these pair who managed to convince their dad it was fancy dress day at school but they were actually playing the ultimate prank.


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