Cybill Shepherd Sparks Fears With 55lb Weight Gain, At Risk Of ‘Health Catastrophe’?

Are Cybill Shepherd’s friends fearing for her health? One tabloid claims the Moonlighting star is unrecognizable after her recent weight gain. Let’s check in on the actress.

‘Former Glamour Gal’ Cybill Shepherd ‘Gains 55 Pounds’?

This week, the Globe reports Cybill Shepherd is a “bloated mess” and “doesn’t care what she looks like.” Shepherd was recently spotted out and about for the first time in two years — but onlookers apparently had to do a double-take before realizing it was her. “She has virtually no waistline and her once lean and long legs have lost their shape. Her face looks bloated, but as her friends know, her attitude is ‘so what.’” an insider dishes. “She eats what she wants and friends are worried she’s setting herself up for some serious health problems.”

A “life-span expert” who hasn’t treated Shepherd weighs in on her situation. He speculates Shepherd has “ballooned” from “150 to 155 to 210 pounds” and is at risk for a plethora of health conditions. “She may be diabetic because of her massive belly fat,” a doctor explains. An insider adds that Shepherd got sick of “dieting and starving to look a certain way for Hollywood.”

Back in 2018, Shepherd revealed her career took a turn after she had a run-in with accused sexual predator and former CBS executive Leslie Moonves. Shepherd explained that Moonves canceled her show shortly after she refused his advances. The tabloid suggests the incident left Shepherd jaded with Hollywood’s beauty standards. And while Shepherd is enjoying her life outside of the public eye, “her weight gain is worrying friends, who don’t think it’s a healthy way to live,” the tipster confides.

Cybill Shepherd ‘Ballooned” To 210 Pounds?

It’s a bit strange that these “close friends” of Shepherds only decided to express their concerns after Shepherd was spotted in public. It’s also suspicious that these concerned pals decided to talk to a tabloid that has no issue calling Shepherd a “bloated mess” or a “cow”. Of course, that’s likely because these are no friends of Shepherd. It’s painfully clear that this tabloid only aimed to insult her.

It’s also no surprise that Shepherd looks different than she did forty years ago. But this tabloid doesn’t know anything about the state of Shepherd’s health — no matter how many doctors comment on her “massive belly fat”. And the magazine shamelessly used Shepherd’s story about being sexually harassed to concoct a story about her being “jaded” with her looks. No one should take this disrespectful report seriously. By all accounts, the actress looks perfectly fine and is likely more focused on her upcoming film than whatever filth this tabloid is spewing.

The Tabloid On Celebrities’ Weight Gain

The Globe has published too many body-shaming stories to count. Not long ago, the outlet reported “hefty” Kirstie Alley’s friends were fearing for her health after her recent weight gain. Then the magazine alleged people feared for Hillary Clinton’s health after her weight “exploded.” And more recently, the tabloid claimed “flabby Fonzie” Henry Winkler was told to “diet or die.” Obviously, the Globe can’t be trusted when it comes to celebrity health.


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