Cyclist recreates Nirvana album cover with GPS tracking

An Australian cyclist has marked the 30th anniversary of Nirvana’s ‘Nevermind’ album by recreating the famous cover art using GPS tracking.

Kurt Cobain

Pete Stokes cycled for about 150km through the streets of Adelaide and used the exercise tracker Strava to sketch the outline of the swimming baby featured on the 1991 record.

Stokes regularly imposes pictures over mapping software through cycling and said that his tribute to the rockers took around eight hours to complete.

He told the Australian edition of The Guardian newspaper: “It’s whatever takes my fancy at the time. Nirvana has its place in my record collection.

“When this album came out I was in high school – I was about 14, and that’s when you’re forming your love of music.”

The cyclist has previously sketched out Beethoven to mark the composer’s 250th birthday along with pictures of dinosaurs, dragons, foxes and even a selfie.


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