Dachshund demands tummy tickles and refuses to take no for an answer in cute clip

This is the adorable moment a very needy dachshund won’t let his owner stop giving tummy rubs.

Frankie has a polite way of telling his owner to give him more until he falls asleep.

The nine-month-old puppy loves nothing more than cuddles and a lot of attention from his owners.

Rachel Spencer, 35, from Nottingham, had to laugh at her dog’s behaviour and managed to catch it on video.

One evening, Frankie was lying in her husband David’s arms when they first witnessed the sausage dog’s love for chin rubs and tickles.

Once David put his hand down, Frankie would get up and gently pull his hand back to start again.

Frankie would grab David’s hand every time he stopped

Rachel said: “When David stopped he literally grabbed his hand and pulled it back to him.

“And he did this around three times to see if it was just a one off or if he actually was taking his hand back for a chin rub.”

The pair found it so funny, Rachel was quick to grab her phone and record the moment.

Since then, Frankie has had the joy of several more evenings of tummy rubs.

Rachel says he is an absolute livewire who seems to have a ‘witching hour’ between 7pm and 9pm during the evenings.

Rachel Spencer
Frankie likes to sit back and relax during his evenings and now he demands tummy tickles

She said: “This was the first time he had done it and since then it seems to be when Frankie is lying with David later in the evening.

He’ll fall asleep after 20 minutes but I think he would lie there all night if we let him.

“At night he does everything he shouldn’t, humping, pinching cushions and slippers.

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“But he’s honestly so loving he just wants to be with you every second of the day.”

David is currently in the armed forces, so along with Frankie, Rachel and their 11-year-old son, they live in Weeton, Preston, on an army barracks.

Rachel Spencer
The little dachshund wouldn’t take no for an answer but was incredibly polite about his approach

Rachel said: “Frankie absolutely adores David and goes into work with him quite often.

“Frankie claimed our bed from day one so he sleeps with us. But he hates mornings – he likes to go back to bed after he’s been out to do his business.”


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