Dad branded ‘ridiculous’ as he demands a reduction on a sofa because the seller ‘made him late to pick up his daughter

A DAD has been branded “ridiculous” after he demanded a reduction on his sofa because the seller “made him late to pick up his daughter.”

The bloke spotted the L-shaped sofa bed for sale on Facebook Marketplace for just £30 and was eager to swipe the bargain for himself.


The dad demanded a reduction on his sofa after he claimed the Facebook seller “made him late” – but has been branded “ridiculous”Credit: _theblessedone/Instagram

Messaging the seller he wrote, “Is it still available??” and when he didn’t instantly receive a reply, two minutes later he messaged again writing, “Hello???”

Not one minute later the interested buyer messaged once again saying, “I’m late to pick up my daughter and I need to know now??”

Unsurprisingly, the seller is a little affronted by the deluge of messages, sending a somewhat terse reply to the dad.

“Jesus man I’m sorry it’s been like 5 minutes yes it’s available,” he responded.

But it appears his prompt reply wasn’t quite prompt enough.

Furious, the dad replied: “I was late picking up my daughter because of you!!!! I demand a reduction on the price or I’m not taking it!!!”

With niceties well and truly out of the window, the seller responds: “I guess you won’t take it then.

“Tell your daughter I’m sorry you’re her dad.”

A screenshot of the messages have since been shared on Instagram where it has left users baffled by the dad’s behaviour.

Commenting on the post, one wrote: “People are so entitled smh.”

“Marketplace DRAMA,” commented another, while a third added, “Absolutely ridiculous!”

I was chuffed after selling my iPhone for £200 on Facebook Marketplace- it was only when I got home that I realised they’d given me fake £50 notes, I feel so stupid

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