Dad brutally burned by his kids as he’s handed lacklustre Father’s Day card

A dad has shown the brutal and hilarious difference between the card he received from his children on his special day, and the one they made their mum earlier in the year

The dad posted a hilarious photo of his card on Twitter (stock image) (Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

It’s not unusual for us to pick favourites within our families, but most of us won’t make it obvious who we like the most.

However, one dad has found out the hard way that his kids definitely have a soft spot for their mum.

As Australia celebrated Father’s Day over the weekend, documentary maker Todd Sampson took to Twitter to share a side-by-side photo of the card he received on his special day in comparison to the one his kids had given their mum on Mother’s Day earlier in the year.

The mum’s card was covered in drawings and bright colours, with the word ‘love’ written all over the page and even a sweet poem as well as two short messages from each of the children.

The two cards looked quite different

By contrast, Todd’s card was much smaller and just featured the words “Father’s Day” alongside a smiley face.

The dad’s Twitter post has already received almost 500 likes, and people have shown their support for Todd by sharing their own stories of being the least favourite parent in their family.

One person wrote: “It’s the opposite in our house. My husband got ten Father’s Day cards from our daughter last year. One ended up on the fridge for months … until Mother’s Day rolled around and it was re-gifted to me. I didn’t know whether to high-five her or admit defeat. Still don’t.”

While another posted a picture of a heart keyring alongside a wireless phone charger and said: “From the stall at school, I got a sequinned heart. Daddy got a wireless charger for his phone…”

Others claimed Todd’s card was actually a “masterpiece” compared to cards they’d received, as one posted a picture of a lined piece of paper with the word “Dad” written on it and nothing else.

And more comments merely poked fun at the situation, with one woman leaving a gif which read: “Ooh … Burn!”

A second gif referenced a scene from ‘Austin Powers’ and read: “Ouch baby… Very ouch.”


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