Dad creates amazing life-sized pirate ship in garden for son’s fourth birthday

A dad put his DIY skills to the test to build his son an incredible life-sized pirate ship in his back garden.

Andrew D’Aubney, 44, was on a mission to do something special for Hudson to mark his fourth birthday.

The building firm owner had a job on his hands to try keep the structure hidden so it would be a surprise for his boy.

He took a few weeks to finish it, which includes a waterproof roof so it’s kept “nice and dry” all year round, reports YorkshireLive.

The ship contains a captain’s cabin and a covered main deck decorated with a pirate flag and rigging.

He added a cannon, which he carved out of a round post, as well as a speaker with an audio box for pirate music.

There is also a pier deck approach where “no muddy shoes” are allowed.

It was a surprise for Hudson who was celebrating his fourth birthday
(Image: MEN MEDIA)

Photos show the incredible ship which resembles the real thing with a gibbeting cage that contains a skeleton nearby.

Once the ship was complete, Andrew surprised Hudson with it a week before and he was simply overjoyed by it all.

The pirate fanatic spent the last few weeks playing inside the ship with his pals.

He also asked if he can eat his dinner in the pirate ship cabin “most nights”, Andrew revealed.

Andrew D'Aubney builds pirate ship for his son
Andrew built the pirate ship for his son who loved it
(Image: MEN MEDIA)

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