Dad has ‘faith in humanity restored’ after tall stranger turns up and asks if he’s Andy

A dad has explained how he had his “faith in humanity restored” after a sudden encounter with a stranger at his front door.

Andy Hough, from Birkenhead in the Wirral, had just come home from Freddie’s Bar – the local pub – when a tall bloke knocked on the door and asked if he was Andy.

“I’d been to Freddie’s Bar, New Ferry, to a leaving get together with my work friends from Autism Together,” Andy said. “I’d brought my son Max with me because we were getting picked up afterwards, so I could drop my girlfriend off in Moreton.”

The 37-year-old continued: “When I’d left Freddie’s, I packed the pram and other bits into the boot of the car then dropped off my girlfriend when I’d gotten home there was a knock on the door.

“To then be met with a tall guy asking ‘are you Andrew Hough.’

“My instant first thought was ‘what have I done’ and I said ‘yes is everything alright?’”

The stranger found Andy’s wallet outside his home

Luckily, the support worker’s fears were unfounded as the bloke told him that he’d found Andy’s wallet outside his home and he’d used the address on his licence to return it to him.

“He told me I’d dropped my wallet outside his house near Freddie’s bar and he’d come with his partner to drop it as he got my address off my license,” said Andy.

“I was so grateful as my bank cards plus my drivers cards were in it. I was even more surprised that someone would go totally out their way to help a stranger.

“I couldn’t thank him enough as I didn’t even realise I’d dropped it. So this restored my faith in humanity and proves that there are good honest people around us, so have faith in people.”

The dad-of-one then turned to Facebook to share his experience with the stranger, reports the LiverpoolEcho.

He wrote: “I couldn’t thank him enough, What honest people he and his partner are. Genuinely thank you.”

Andy's wallet fell out of his pocket
Andy’s wallet fell out of his pocket

The message quickly went viral and over 1500 people liked it.

“This is absolutely fantastic to be reading instead of all the negative rubbish that has been going round,” said one fan. “Such a wonderful lad to return it to you too. I would shake his hand for the fact that he has restored my faith in humanity.

“Thank you young man.”

Another added: “Absolutely fantastic to hear that at least there are still some honest people in life.

“What a true gentleman and a hero too don’t get many of them these days. Amazing news needs to spread the good news instead of hearing bad news all the time.”

Meanwhile a third added: “Still plenty of honest decent people out there, you were lucky that someone just like that found your wallet.”

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