Dad terrified after daughter, 3, tells him that she had family in a past life & joined their family after she died

A TERRIFIED dad shared the moment his three-year-old daughter told him she had another family in a “past life” and only joined their family after she died. 

Dan Schrieber took to social media to retell the unsettling moment his child calmly told him they had a family “a long time ago”.

Parents have shared eerie stories of their children claiming they had “past lives”Credit: Getty

The toddler even gave the family a number of names during the eerie bedtime chat.

Posting his story online, Dan Schreiber wrote: “Interesting bedtime chat with my 3 year old tonight: “daddy, I had a family a long time ago & my mummy was called Sochi & I was called Anke but then I died & now I’m with your family.”

He added: “Anyway, if anyone needs me, I’ll be up cleaning the pants I just s*** for the rest of the night.”

But Dan Schrieber wasn’t the only creeped out parent.

After the dad shared the eerie tale online, other parents flocked to reveal their own creepy experiences with toddlers who claimed they had lived “past lives”.

One adult wrote: “My niece saw some archive footage of the miners’ strike ‘battles’ when she was about 3, 20 odd years ago.

“She got hysterical and when her mum calmed her down she explained that’s where she died “last time” by a blow to the head. She described her other mummy in detail too.”

Another concerned parent admitted: “Very similar conversations when my son was very young.

“He used to say ‘when I was Andrei…’ – then one day, he was watching the cartoon Anastasia, and pointed calmly and said ‘There – that’s where I lived when I was Andrei.’

“Kids are spooky.”

A third recalled how her son was scared of having his toenails being clipped as a small child.

They wrote: “[He] used to go grey and physically shake. Proper panic attack. He said it’s because when he was a soldier he had his toenails pulled off.”

One family even nicknamed their daughter “spooky” after she talked about her previous lives.

They shared: “After we had a car accident in which no one was hurt, she remained totally calm saying her friend had told her it would happen and that we would be fine.”

Another parent said her three-year-old daughter would point to photos of her great-grandmother and announce: “That’s me.”

While a different child spooked out a taxi driver when he said a Claire’s Accessories shop they drove past was a pet shop he’d once visited – which turned out to be true.

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