Dad who heard ‘popping’ noise lifting weights at gym had nasty surprise next day

A dad heard a distinctive “popping” sound when he was lifting weights at the gym.

And despite thinking little of it at the time, Barry Rowlands was in extreme pain the day after.

The 38-year-old, from the Wirral, told the ECHO: “I heard like a popping sound but thought nothing of it at the time.

“The next day I couldn’t move my arm it was absolutely killing me with pain.”

Following an MRI scan, doctors found that the tendons had come off his shoulder bone.

Barry needed surgery to reconnect the tendons – but insisted on being awake for the operation.

Barry woke up in agony the day after working out

Barry – who is dad to Ethan, 11, Lukas, eight and Archie, six – told his surgeon Simon Robinson that he didn’t want to be put to sleep.

He explained: “The thought of being put to sleep, I don’t know, it just scared me, so I asked if I could be awake for the operation.

“My surgeon said he had never done that before, but he agreed, so I was awake for the whole five hour surgery.”

Despite taking an iPad into theatre to keep himself occupied, Barry ended up being fascinated with watching the surgeon at work.

He revealed: “I just watched the full surgery – it was fascinating, I loved it – I would recommend it.

“The team was great, the anesthetist kept me calm through the procedure and I chatted to my surgeon about what he was doing.”

Barry Rowlands
Barry insisted on being awake during the procedure

The dad admitted he’s not the type to hide behind the cushions when a medical scene comes on TV.

And if his arm doesn’t improve by January, he is fully prepared to go through the operation awake again.

Barry said: “My kids think I am a bit mad going through it awake, but I was not phased by it at all.

“I can use my arm now, there is a little bit of pain still and I am still having physio, but, as my doctors keep telling me, it will take time to heal.

“There was no warning this was going to happen and it is not very common.

“But my girlfriend, Emma McCromick and my mum and dad have been amazing helping my recovery.”

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