Dad’s heartwarming tweet reunites teen daughter with nurse who saved her life as baby

Many of us sometimes feel that social media goes too far, but in some cases it shows us a heartwarming moment that brings tears to your eyes.

That’s just what happened after a proud dad posted about taking his daughter to Bristol University for her first week as a student.

Martin Dorey explained that his teenage daughter spent six months fighting to survive cancer when she was little, reports BristolLive.

She was treated at Bristol Children’s Hospital and upon arriving at her halls of residence she found out her room had a view over the very same building.

In an emotional Twitter post, which has been liked more than 66,000 times, author and environmental activist Dorey wrote: “Dropped Maggie at uni in Bristol today.

“From her new room you can see the room at Bristol Children’s Hospital where, 17 years earlier, she spent 6 months fighting for her life against leukaemia.

“Tears of joy. Thank you NHS.”

And, the heart-rending storey didn’t end there as a nurse who treated Maggie as an infant replied to the Tweet.

Charlotte Higby wrote: “Wow – that gives me goosebumps!

“As a nurse who looked after Maggie all those years ago, I can’t tell you how much this post means. Have an amazing time Maggie!”

And, it seems the nurse had a huge impact on the Dorey family.

Martin replied: “Wow!! Me too. Thank you for your message… can I assume that you are one of the Charlotte / Charlie team who stepped in after an anaphylactic reaction to chemo … and so gave my other daughter Charlie her name?”

To which Charlotte said: “Yep that’s me! I have never forgotten that night.

“Every year when I do my life support training and they ask ‘has anyone any experience of anaphylaxis’ I think of Maggie.

“And I had no idea that is how Charlie got her name how lovely.”

Dad Martin shared the post on Twitter

Martin commented: “Yes that’s exactly why!!!! It reminds us of the things you both did!!! Until that moment she was going to be Lily.”

The post quickly racked up over 115k likes and nearly 6,000 retweets.

A social media user responded: “This and Maggie’s nurse responding is absolutely amazing and so beautiful.

“I’m so happy for you and Maggie, and wish her all the best of luck at uni. On a bleak day this is a ray of beautiful light. Have an amazing uni experience Maggie.”

Another wrote: “Hope Maggie has an amazing time at uni and an even better future. My lad is in his final year of treatment for ALL; stories like this give us so much inspiration x”

We’re not crying, you’re crying (no, we’re definitely crying though).

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