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Daily Joke: Preacher Drowns In Water While Trying To Follow the Rabbi and the Priest

Preacher Drowns In Water While Trying To Follow the Rabbi and the Priest

A priest, rabbi, and the preacher were traveling on a boat together. When the Rabbi told his companions that he is hungry and is going on land to find some food, his companions did not join him. He jumped out of the boat and walked towards the land. Rabbi found some delicious snacks and started enjoying them while eating them.

The Priest and the preacher were watching him eat that mouth-watering snack on the land from the boat. They turned their sights away from the rabbi and felt calm with the cold breeze on the boat. Then after a while, the priest told the rabbi that he is also thirsty and need to step out of the boat to quench his thirst. Like Rabbi, the priest also walked to the land for the water. He found clean water and relieved his thirst with it.

Now the only preacher was left on the boat. He observed both the rabbi and priest relaxing on the land, enjoying food and water while he was on the boat. So, the preacher decided to leave the boat to have snacks and water with his companions on land. But, as soon as he stepped out of the boat, he immediately drowned in the water.

The rabbi and the Priest were looking at the preacher. Then, watching him fall in the water from afar, the rabbi looked at the priest smiling and told the priest:

“Maybe we should have told him where the Rocks were”


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