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Daily Joke: Three Leaders Test Their Bodyguards’ Fearlessness

Three Leaders Test Their Bodyguards’ Fearlessness

The trio of three leaders spent a day discussing the state of peace in their countries. Finally, they got tired and went to a pub to unwind. They ordered many bottles of wine and drank a lot.

At midnight, they decided to head back to their hotel. Their bodyguards went with them for their safety. As they were on their way, they came across a large hole in the road. To cross the road, they needed to know if the hole was deep or not.

To avoid the risk of falling into the hole, the leaders asked their bodyguards to check the depth of the hole.

The first ruler asked his bodyguard to jump in the hole and check the depth. His bodyguard got scared and looked at his boss with a terrified look. Then, he requested his leader- “Please no sir, I have a wife and children.’’ At such a response, the first leader sympathized and did not ask the bodyguard any more questions.

So, the second bodyguard went to his bodyguard and asked to jump in. The second bodyguard also said- “Sir, I am married. I have a wife and two children at home waiting for me,” with his head down. The leader understood his concern and told him to stand back.

The third leader hesitated, then called his guard and ordered him to jump in the hole and check. However, before the third leader could complete his sentence, the bodyguard jumped right away.

Fortunately, the bodyguard came out safe and found out that the hole was not that deep. Everyone admired him for his bravery.

One of the leaders asked him how he was so encouraged and fearless before jumping into the hole.

He replied- “I have a wife and children.”

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