Dairy Queen so desperate for employees they’re offering $2400 to new hires – but people are skeptical

In an attempt to draw in new employees, businesses across the U.S. are offering incentives to fight against the shortage of workers.

In a TikTok that has racked up half a million views, @randa_lauryn’s viral clip shows an American fast-food chain advertising a substantial bonus – simply for signing up. The Dairy Queen sign claims to offer $2,400 to new starters. ‘Now hiring – $2400 sign-up bonus’, the ad read.

Naturally, fellow TikTokers were sceptical about the offer and took to the comments to share their confusion and theories. There were many doubts about the chances of receiving the payment without a catch.

One TikTok user claimed that they received a $3K sign-on bonus. While she didn’t disclose the company, she explained how they gave her half of the payment upon joining the company and the remaining $1.5K after six months of employment.

Another shared their thoughts on what the catch was, “They don’t tell you that you have to work there for a year to claim it”, they said.

“Tell me it’s a toxic work environment, without telling me it’s a toxic work environment”, one TikToker commented. While another joked, “Why did I think, ‘hmmm… let me apply and get that bonus then quit’”.

Businesses often implement sign-up bonuses to beat the competition, though potential new employees must understand the terms. If a new starter leaves before a specific date, some companies will require them to pay it back. According to Monster, “a signing bonus isn’t always your best option. For example, if you’re offered a $4,000 signing bonus and you can negotiate a $2,000 increase in your annual salary instead, you’d come out ahead if you stayed longer than two years since the bonus is a one-time payment.”

indy100 has reached out to Dairy Queen for comment.

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