Daisy Keech Calls ‘Survivor’ Alum Her ‘Future Baby Daddy’

Instagram model Daisy Keech is dating former Survivor castmember, Michael Yerger. In her latest Instagram post, Keech, 22, referred to Yerger as her “future baby daddy.” Yerger, 23, appeared on Survivor: Ghost Island, which aired back in 2018.

On Sunday, Keech shared another photo of herself with Yerger, this time with the two staring into each other’s eyes. It’s not clear when the photo was taken. She tagged it as being taken in Healdsburg, California, but Yerger shared a new photo from Nashville on Sunday. “We up to [something] and all I can say is god is good,” he captioned the picture, which showed himself sitting on a truck bed.

Yerger celebrated Keech’s birthday on Aug. 12 with a loving tribute to her, alongside photos that appear to be taken on the same day as the one Keech posted Sunday. In his caption, Yerger credited Keech with straightening him out. “When I met you, my focus shifted, my drive increased & I found purpose in what I was working so hard for,” Yerger wrote. “now a man, who gets excited about tax deductions, nights in on the couch, and a solid weather forecast, I couldn’t be happier to be building a life together. I tell you all the time how adorable you are and I think I’ve realized that what I’ve been trying to say is that you’re so easy to adore. I love you daisy and it’s time to (continue) celebrating— happy 22nd birthday babe.”

Keech has over 5.8 million followers on Instagram, but she rose to fame as a member of the TikTok creator collective known as the Hype House. She helped establish the group in December 2018, but she left after a falling out with Thomas Petrou, a former member of one of Jake Paul’s YouTube groups. In March 2020, Keech posted a now-unavailable YouTube video called “The Truth About the Hype House,” in which she explained what went wrong, reports Insider.

According to Keech, there was “no transparency at all” with Petrou. “We had no idea what brand deals were coming if they were actually just a ‘product for exposure collaboration,’ and we had no idea if they were paid or not,” she recalled. “He [Petrou] claims the Hype House has made no money, yet he’s bragging about an $8,000 Cartier bracelet he just bought, a $10,000 cat. He’s talking about buying a new Tesla.” She claimed Petrou controlled the Hype House‘s image, and claimed he “loves to have power.”

Keech recounted a few incidents that made her uncomfortable, including one alleged incident in which Petrou wanted her to “manipulate” another female creator thinking about joining the group. Keech called that a “red flag” moment. She was also “very uncomfortable” with other things going on in the house that she could have been “legally liable” for since her name was on the lease. She claimed Petrou led other members of the Hype House to slowly phase her out of the creative process. She unfollowed him on social media platforms, but she said at the end that she forgave Petrou. After Keech published her video, Petrou and other Hype House members denied the allegations.

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