Dallas Stars We’ve Sadly Lost
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Dallas Stars We’ve Sadly Lost

With that kind of run, it’s no surprise that the cast and crew of “Dallas” have lost friends and loved ones along the way. Larry Hagman, who played J.R. Ewing in the series, died in November 2012, per Hollywood Reporter. His co-star Linda Gray, who played Ewing’s wife, Sue Ellen, penned a moving tribute to Hagman following his death.

Gray noted that far from his tough character, Hagman always found a way to make things fun. “No matter what the situation was, he made it fun,” she told the Hollywood Reporter. “Most people lose that as they get older: We have to be responsible; we have to be adults — but not Larry.”

When Barbara Bel Geddes joined the show, she was the most well-established actor at the table. In fact, Hagman told the Associated Press that Geddes was the reason he came on board. “The reason I took the show, they said Barbara Bel Geddes is going to play your mother, and I said, ‘Well, that’s a touch of class, you know.'” Geddes passed away from lung cancer in 2005 (via Tampa Bay Times).

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