‘Dancing With The Stars’ Competitors Think Carrie Ann Inaba Is Rigging It For Amanda Kloots?

Does Amanda Kloots have an unfair advantage on Dancing with the Stars? One tabloid claims judge Carrie Ann Inaba is tipping the scales in her old Talk co-host’s favor. Let’s take a closer look at the story.

‘DWTS’ Fixed For Amanda Kloots?

A recent edition of the National Enquirer reports Dancing with the Stars contestant Amanda Kloots better watch her back! Kloots not only was a professional dancer, but she was also spent time co-hosting The Talk with DWTS host Carrie Ann Inaba. Apparently, the other contestants are starting to think Kloots has an unfair advantage. “These two are both colleagues and friends. There’s no way Carrie Ann can judge Amanda fairly!” an insider dishes. “It’s no wonder the other star think the show is fixed!”

And some viewers have the same concern. “Carrie Ann better judge Amanda fairly,” said @Daviesallison1A on Twitter.

And @alyssatweeets asked, “Wait, isn’t it biased for Carrie Ann to judge Amanda Kloots when they are friends and on the same tv show?”

Carrie Ann Inaba Biased Towards Amanda Kloots?

We seriously doubt Kloots is getting any kind of special treatment. First of all, Inaba has been a judge on DWTS for over 16 years. We seriously doubt the longtime judge would engage in such unprofessional behavior as rigging the show.

And Twitter user @Camilla_33 brought up a great point. Kloots is not the first contestant to know a judge personally. “Also to those criticizing Carrie Ann and Amanda being former co-workers: 1. Julianne literally judged her own brother when she was a judge. 2. You think the judges don’t all know both the celebs and the dancers? You’re naive if you don’t think so.”

It’s true, Julianne Hough spent time hosting the show while her brother Derek competed as a dancer. Since there wasn’t too much concern for Hough’s ability to judge the contestants fairly, it’s safe to say Kloots and Inaba’s relationship isn’t out of the ordinary.

The Tabloid On ‘DWTS’

And we wouldn’t trust anything the National Enquirer says about Dancing with the Stars. Last year, the tabloid claimed Tyra Banks was ready to “back out” of hosting the show. Of course, there was no truth to the story and she’s currently hosting the latest season. And then the tabloid claimed Banks was trying to get Meghan McCain to join the next season of DWTS. Of course, that season has started and McCain is not a contestant. It’s obvious that the Enquirer has no insight into the innerworkings of Dancing with the Stars.


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