Danica McKellar Shares Hallmark Christmas Movie Update

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Danica McKellar in My Christmas Dream

Danica McKellar has been busy working on her new Hallmark Christmas movie that’s premiering in 2021. But she recently shared on an Instagram story that the weather was so bad, she almost felt like she “couldn’t keep going” during filming. Here are all the updates you need to know about her movie.

The Weather Was So Hot, She Almost Had to Stop Filming

McKellar has been filming her new Christmas movie in Canada, where the west coast has been experiencing yet another sweltering heatwave. She revealed in an Instagram story that filming a Christmas movie in the middle of a heatwave was almost too much for her. She said the temperatures were in the mid-90s or hotter and she had to wear sweaters while filming.

She said on her video:

I’ve been really busy on my Christmas movie, which I’m not allowed to post about yet. So I don’t have anything to post because I’ve just been working all day every day on this movie. So hi! … I have been getting pictures and videos along the way. So once I’m allowed to post about, there’ll be stuff for me to post. Just not yet. Also, it’s been extremely hot. Like really, really hot.

InstagramMcKellar on her Instagram story.

Then she continued, sharing what she had to do in order to keep filming:

I want to share a trick for cooling down that I’ve learned because a lot of us are experiencing a lot of heat these days. … I was doing a scene and I was so hot. I didn’t think I could keep going. Because remember, we’re wearing sweaters, we’re shooting either outside in this sweltering heat or inside with no air conditioning because that’s bad for sound when that’s blowing. … I was so hot, I poured water into both of my boots and soaked my socks. It was heaven. If you’re ever overheated and you’re seriously needing to cool down, and you’re wearing shoes with socks, pour water. It’s amazing. … We’re experiencing a lot of heat waves in this country right now. Probably all over the world, so might come in handy.

She Just Wrapped “You, Me And the Christmas Trees’ with Benjamin Ayres

Her Christmas movie is currently called “You, Me and the Christmas Trees,” and she’s filming it with co-star Benjamin Ayres. She recently revealed that her son and her mother will appear in a small Easter egg during the film.

Ayres shared on Instagram that the filming just wrapped. The movie hasn’t been confirmed officially by Hallmark yet.

The movie filmed in Canada, including in Victoria.

At one point people guessed the movie was called “The Santa Stakeout” or “I Spy Christmas,” but those were most likely names referring to a different Hallmark movie that was filming at the same time.

Of course, working titles are always subject to change, so once the movie is released it might have a different title entirely. This will be McKellar’s seventh Hallmark Christmas movie.

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